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Fiverr updates and improvements in 2022

Fiverr is one of the top apps for making money online. This platform connects freelancers with individuals and businesses looking to hire them for a variety of jobs and projects. All orders start at $5. Staying updated and knowing the latest improvements is a must for better earnings. Here are the three main latest updates of Fiverr in the year 2022.

  1. Fiverr Buyer Request option: The Fiverr Buyer Request option is going to be updated this year. This option will be eliminated, and a new one called “Get matched with Sellers” will replace it. Since Buyer Requests are no longer available instead of offering Buyer Requests, Fiverr has introduced the Get Briefs feature. Go to > My Business > Gigs > to enable the Get Briefs. There is a “Set Briefs” option in the top right corner. Activate it and choose your own price.  
  2. Fiverr Milestone Workflow: The second update concerns the Fiverr Milestone Workflow, which allows you to divide your work into milestones and receive immediate payment. Customers will be able to view your workflow and pricing prior to placing an order thanks to the recent Milestone update. Customers who place larger orders will be drawn to you as a result of their ability to understand your working methods. Inform customers of what to expect in detail and by when. This will reduce the workload and make the work much easier.
  3. on Fiverr is the third update. Utilizing this feature is literally fascinating.

All in all, Fiverr has introduced three major updates in 2022, the elimination of the Buyer Request option, replacing it with “Get matched with Sellers.”, The Fiverr Milestone Workflow, which allows users to divide their work into milestones and receive immediate payment, and Bring Your Own Business (BYOB) feature. Go ahead and enjoy your Fiverr journey with these exciting latest updates.

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