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About Us

We Provide Best Service Quickbooks Since 2021

QuickBooks has solidified its position as the preferred accounting software for small business proprietors. If you’re seeking to launch your business on QuickBooks or elevate your proficiency with this software, do not hesitate to contact Farhan Karim’s Accounting Services. As a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor®, I offer a comprehensive array of QuickBooks setup and support services, tailored to serve a diverse spectrum of small enterprises. I assure a seamless software installation process and provide training sessions to familiarize you and your team with QuickBooks’ indispensable functionalities. Moreover, as a cherished client, you can rely on my prompt assistance to resolve QuickBooks-related inquiries and troubleshoot any issues.

For inquiries or to schedule a consultation, please reach out to me at +9234-31169667 or submit a consultation request online. I am dedicated to optimizing QuickBooks for the benefit of your small business.”

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Hi! I’m Farhan Karim,

a Senior Associate at R.A & Co Chartered Accountant with a fervent dedication to elevating accounting and finance standards. With an analytical mind and an exceptional grasp over the accounting cycle, my journey in this field is marked by precision, enthusiasm, and a continuous pursuit of knowledge.

Diving into my educational background, since 2015, I’ve been engrossed in the studies at the Institute of Cost & Management Accountants of Pakistan (ICMAP). Each of the nine papers I’ve cleared thus far has not only been a milestone in academic achievement but a testament to my commitment and understanding of cost and management accounting. This adventure through ICMAP’s rigorous curriculum has significantly refined my analytical and decision-making capabilities, providing a solid foundation for a thriving career ahead in accounting and finance.

During my engaging stint as a Semi-Senior Associate at R.A & Co Chartered Accountant, I’ve donned multiple hats – from meticulously preparing working papers and financial statements to conducting substantive procedures for verification of expenses and payment vouchers. I’ve had the pleasure of managing the entire accounting cycle for our esteemed clients, including Pakistan Societies of Actuaries and Habib University. The confidence entrusted upon me by these clients has been a driving force, motivating me to deliver with unmatched accuracy and efficiency consistently.

Simultaneously, I’ve polished my skills as a QuickBooks Online Expert and Financial Analyst on Fiverr since February 2021. This freelance journey has been nothing short of rewarding, allowing me to delve deeper into financial analysis while assisting a diverse clientele in navigating the complexities of QuickBooks Online.

Throughout my career, various certifications and recognitions have adorned my professional journey, including the Best Assistant Patrol Leader Award from the Pakistan Boy Scouts Association and the completion of a two-day Quest Camp. Such accolades are not just mere certificates but symbols of my dedication, leadership, and quest for continuous learning and improvement.

Armed with skills in MS Office, QuickBooks Online, Microsoft Dynamics, and ERP Next, and driven by a relentless quest for excellence, I’m not just prepared but excited for the challenges and opportunities the future holds in the realm of accounting and finance. Looking forward to connecting with like-minded professionals and enthusiasts who share the same passion and commitment to pushing the boundaries in our field!

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